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West Coast School of Law was formed on October 11, 2001 by licensed attorney, David Stallings who received his law degree through correspondence and self study at Taft University. Students did not actually enroll until mid 2002. Initially Dean Stallings called it the California Correspondence Law School but later changed its name because of requests from students who said the word “correspondence” gave a negative connotation when they applied for positions.


West Coast School of Law-Online Law School is located on 7837 Danvers Street in Downey, California. This address is of little significance since it is not a traditional school where students reside in dormitories or commute. WCSL is a self-study correspondence law school. Although no time is spent in classrooms, the school uses the same course books as traditional law schools. Students must complete 864 hours of preparation and study each year. Course work from WCSL is not transferable.

The goal of West Coast School of Law-Online Law School is to provide an economic law degree using distance learning. This allows individuals with too many family and career obligations to pursue their dream of practicing law. It gives a second chance to students who can’t get into traditional law school.

Online law schools are not accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). Although not accredited, WCSL is registered with the Committee of Bar Examiners of State Bar of California. California is the only state where students who graduate from non accredited schools allowed to take the Bar Exam.

West Coast School of Law-Online Law School offers both non bar and bar studies, including a two year program leading to a Bachelor of Science law diploma and a four year program leading to the Juris Doctorate Degree diploma. STudents who want to enhance their general knowledge of law can enroll.


West Coast School of Law-Online Law School has an open enrollment, meaning there is not a specific deadline for submitting applications. The process begins with the submission of the application and registration. The fees are nonredable. The applicant’s prior education experience is then evaluated and a decision made. High school graduation is a prequisite for applying. The grading scale of WCSL resembles that of traditional law schools (A, B, C, D and F). Although there isn’t a classroom setting, students are expected to maintain satisfactory progress and use the honor code during testing. Financial aid is not offered.


First Year: Introduction to Law and Legal Research, 1 hr; Contracts, 6 hrs; Criminal Law, 4 hrs; Torts, 6 hrs; Legal Analysis and Writing1, 3 hrs
Second Year: Civil Procedure, 6 hrs; Constitutional Law, 6 hrs; Real Property, 6 hrs; Wills, 3 hrs; Trusts, 3 hrs; Legal Analysis and Writing 2, 3hrs
Third Year: Business Associations, 6 hrs; Community Property, 3 hrs; Criminal Procedure, 3hrs; Evidence, 6 hrs; Legal Analysis and Writing3, 3 hrs
Fourth Year: Professional Responsibility, 4 hrs; Remedies, 4 hrs; Uniform Commercial Code, 4 hrs; Legal Analysis and Writing4, 3 hrs

The First Year Law Exam, a four hour test over basic contracts, criminal law, and torts, is taken by bar students after the first year. After completion of four years, the Bar Exam can be taken in either June or October.

Dean Stallings modeled the West Coast School of Law-Online Law School after his own style of learning and the style used by Abraham Lincoln-SELF STUDY. For self learners who want a basic legal education at an affordable price with curriculum that prepares them for the Bar exam and practice of law, WSCL offers a wonderful opportunity!

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michael J July 13, 2010 at 9:43 am

I am interested in WSCL but I am unable to contact the school by email or phone. This concerns me. Their fax number is also out of order. What does this mean? If you have any information about this school, please email.

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