The University of Honolulu School of Law

by admin on July 12, 2010

Since the nineties, the popularity of a correspondence program and on line education has grown significantly. Those who are not able to attend a regular schedule on campus for what ever reason can now fill that gap by independent studies without missing a beat. When it was first offered, there were very few classes completely on line or by correspondence at any campus. Most of these classes had to do with extra training for an existing job. Gradually, each college gingerly offered a few. Today, most of the highly requested majors also offer the classes entirely on line or by correspondence.

This is why the University of Honolulu School of Law was founded in 1992 in Modesto, California.

The school is focused on providing a quality program for those who are unable to attend traditional classes. This School of Law is registered with the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California. It is not accredited but upon graduation, the student will be qualified to sit for the California State Bar Exam. The school does not discriminate and prefers to accept college graduates with a B average or above. They do reserve the right to modify the rules and policies, if they deem necessary.

Once you are enrolled, you will receive a book list with a syllabus. You will need to purchase these books from a designated bookstore. They are shipped to you quickly. Expect to spend about five hundred dollars per year on text books.

You can begin the admission process with a forty five dollar non refundable fee for processing. You will need to send two official undergraduate transcripts. They accept applicants on the first of each month. Once you are accepted, you will be expected to begin the program within two weeks. The tuition is three thousand dollars per year not including fees and payment can be made when enrolling each semester.

The students are required to pass the First Year Law Students’ Examination within a maximum of three attempts to pass.

The first year courses are as follows: Legal Analysis and Writing(this course is required each year), Introduction to Law, Contracts, Torts and Criminal Law. The exams are written and multiple choice and given at the end of each semester. In order to receive credit for the first year course, you must pass the exam.

By law, since you will be studying by correspondence, you must be actively enrolled for four years. The minimum amount of hours must not be less than eight hundred and sixty four. Within three months of beginning the program, you must register with the Committee of Bar Examiners. They do accept transfer credit for the completed first year only.

If you intend to practice law some where other than California, you must obtain the appropriate information for the proper procedure for your state.

Once you apply, you can start right away by setting up a quiet area in your home. Shop for any new school supplies you may need, including a new lap top or more note pads. This is a great time to attend school and studying independently will help you save the money that you may need for other projects but still give you a competitive edge in your career. Begin immediately and make a routine for your self. It will be much easier to fit this in rather than having to drive someplace back and forth. You will save the time and gas. A correspondence program can make the difference for those working full time jobs and raising a family. This is a viable option for many people who could not attend classes otherwise.

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