American Heritage University School of Law

by admin on July 7, 2010

American Heritage University (AHU) of Southern California was founded in 2003. It is a private for-profit school that offers degrees in Law, Computer Information Systems, and Business Management. They offer certificate programs in the CNA nursing program and in Paralegal Studies. The school offers classes both online and on-campus. The law degree program is offered online.

Overview of Student Resources

American Heritage University offers many resources to aid in their students’ success. They have an onsite library where students conduct scholarly research, as well as online reference materials for students who study online. Students may purchase course materials from the school’s online bookstore. All AHU students are offered academic advisement, career coaching, and learning resources such as informational databases and electronic communication services.

The AHU Law Program

The American Heritage University School of Law prepares students to practice law upon graduation. AHU offers the undergraduate degree in law and the Juris Doctorate degree. The Juris Doctorate is needed to sit for the California Bar Exam and to practice law in California. The Juris Doctorate is offered to students upon successful completion of all of the school’s required courses.

Courses required for the Juris Doctorate are as follow, but this list is not all inclusive:


Criminal law

Constitutional law

Real property

Civil procedure

Wills and Trusts

Family Law


Immigration and Nationality
Legal research and writing

Upon successful completion of their first year of law school at AHU, students must take the First-Year Law Students Exam. A student is given up to three chances to pass the exam. Once a student successfully passes the exam, they are given credit for all law courses taken up until that point. If the student does not pass the exam after the third time, then they are disqualified from the school, but they may be reinstated at a later date.

Tuition and Fees

American Heritage University online law school offers tuition and fees at a price much lower than many other schools. For example, the Juris Doctorate program offered by the law school has a price of only $250 per unit.

The school offers payment option plans, enabling students to pay in full, or to pay half of their tuition and fees at the beginning of the academic year and then pay the other half by the midpoint of the year. AHU also offers partial scholarships. Check with the school’s financial aid department for more information.

How to Apply

The school has an open enrollment system. Therefore, students are able to apply at any time of the year. Students may also begin studies at any time, and they do not have to wait for a new quarter or semester to begin. One convenient feature of AHU is that students may choose to complete courses online or in the classroom, this allows more flexibility in the student’s schedule. Also, each course is 8 weeks in length.
Students must submit an application packet, which includes all of the following:

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